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Games to play on the Jumping Castle

These are some suggestions for fun games to play on your jumping castle
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1. Play some children's music while the children jump on the castle.
2. When the music is stopped the children have to sit on the castle.
3. The last one to sit comes off the castle.
4. Start the music again and continue until there is one left who is the winner.
1. The person in charge stands at the front of the castle.
2. The children stand on the castle
3. The leader says “ Simon says jump” and the children jump then he changes it to something else “ Simon says clap” and the children clap etc.
4. If any child does not do what Simon says he can be out and the game can continue until there is a winner.
1. The children are jumping and when the leader calls out “ Sleeping Giants” they must lie very still on the castle floor.
2. Anyone who moves is off the castle.
3. The other children start jumping again and the game can start again.
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1. The children jump on the castle.
2. The leader at the front throws a soft ball at the children while they are jumping.
3. Anyone who is hit by the ball comes off the castle
4. The game continues until there is a winner.